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Fuerteventura Airport is just southwest of Puerto del Rosario, the capital city of Fuerteventura, and is strategically located nearby many prominent areas of the island. Fuerteventura is one of the seven famous Canary Islands, just south of Lanzarote, and east of the larger islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. The airport handles around 6 million passengers per annum, and is a major gateway for the island, serving both domestic and international passengers. Many passengers like to travel by bus in Fuerteventura, as the buses offer a very cost effective and reliable way to virtually every destination on the island. From Fuerteventura Airport, buses are frequently available, and take passengers to several popular towns and holiday resort areas.

Fuerteventura Airport consists of one terminal building, of three levels, and passengers will arrive on the ground floor of the building. Departing passengers will check-in from their airline check-in desk on the ground floor, but all further departure procedures are handled on the first floor. The passenger terminal of the airport was recently renovated and expanded, and is therefore a very modern and functional construction, more than adequate to handle the current number of passengers which make use of it per annum. Passengers will find the terminal easy to navigate, and the bus stops just outside the arrival hall, to the left of the building. The two bus routes which run directly from the airport are numbers 3 and 10, and they mainly travel to areas south of the airport.

The Route 3 Bus at Fuerteventura Airport travels a shorter distance than the Route 10 bus, and its main destinations are Puerto del Rosario, from where its route begins, the airport, Caleta de Fuste and Las Salinas. The main bus station in Puerto del Rosario is found in Avenida de la Constitución. Caleta de Fuste is a very popular tourist resort located just a few kilometres south of the airport, and is about a fifteen minute journey by bus, while Las Salinas is just a bit further down the eastern coast, and nearby the Golf Club Salinas de Antigua. The Route 3 bus is available from Fuerteventura Airport approximately every half an hour.

The second bus for arriving and departing passengers at Fuerteventura Airport travels to Caleta de Fuste as well, and the destinations of Tarajal, La Lajita, Costa Calma and Morro Jable. This bus travels a further distance than the Route 3 bus, as Morro Jable is located to the far south of the island, but the journey is not much more than an hour in duration, as all areas of Fuerteventura can be reached in an hour on the road network. The Route 10 bus also begins its journey in Puerto del Rosario, and stops outside the terminal of the airport, but is available only every two hours.

The majority of the Canary Islands have their own public bus companies, which provide a reliable service to most parts of the islands. Since that railway services are not found on most of the islands, buses play a very important role in the transportation of local people and visitors. On the island of Fuerteventura, the Tiadhe Bus Company is in charge of all public transportation by buses, and operates the buses to the airport as well. For individuals travelling on a budget, buses are by far the cheapest form of transport on the island, as the taxi fares can be very expensive.

The Tiadhe Bus Company has 125 vehicles on the island of Fuerteventura, some of which are larger 60-seaters, while others are smaller, seating ten passengers. All buses are well equipped for safety and comfort, with air conditioning and properly marked emergency exits. Many of the vehicles have safety belts for each individual seat as well. The buses are also controlled by a GPS Fleet Tracking system, so that they can be located at any time, and are equipped with a hands-free microphone and speaker system, to ensure they meet the safety and road regulations as set by the Spanish Authorities.

Tickets for buses at Fuerteventura Airport can be purchased from the bus driver, or in the form of a voucher, which offers a 30% discount when compared to the ordinary fare charged. The cards can be purchased for €12.00, and are valid on all bus services. Cards and bus tickets are available from several locations around the island, including the bus station of Puerto del Rosario. If purchasing just a single or return ticket from the driver, it is common to do so with not more than €10.00, otherwise the driver may not be able to provide you with change. Further information regarding the Tiadhe Bus Company, bus routes and bus schedules, can be found online, at http://www.tiadhe.com.

From Fuerteventura Airport many hotels may offer shuttle services to their places of accommodation, and other private bus companies may own shuttles which travel to all the major holiday resorts on the island. This type of transport is often part of a package deal for holiday makers who have booked through a travel agency. Hotel shuttles are usually free of charge, but should be requested in advance at the time of reservation. Information for buses, at Fuerteventura Airport, can also be obtained from the Aena Airport desks within the terminal building.